Enthuse and Donorfy logos

We’re delighted to announce that Enthuse is now integrated with the award-winning CRM, Donorfy!

At Enthuse, we know the value of a good CRM integration and we’re really pleased to have this available to charities, to give good causes a holistic overview of fundraiser activity.

As with any business, it’s important for charities to manage their relationships with key stakeholders. Understanding your donors matters. It’s how you turn one-off givers into repeat donors. It’s also how you turn repeat donors into long-term supporters. 

So how can the Donorfy integration help with that?

What does the integration do?

Charities that use both Enthuse and Donorfy will be able to collect donation, fundraising and event payments data from Enthuse and have it automatically added to their Donorfy CRM in near real-time. This includes personal and corporate fundraising pages, as well as supporter communications preferences. 

If a campaign is created in Enthuse, it will automatically load that new campaign in Donorfy. The integration will also enable charities to create new campaigns in Donorfy and the CRM will keep a history of all imported data for charities to look back on and use. Additionally, the integration allows charities to import payments information into the CRM as well.

How will charities benefit?

By housing Enthuse donations, fundraising and event payments data in one place, charities will be able to spend less time focusing on filling out spreadsheets and reporting and more time on strategic fundraising activity that really matters. This in turn will help charities to build longer lasting relationships with supporters with truly personalised campaigns, based on how they interact with your charity.

“A strong CRM solution can make a real impact on a charity’s fundraising efforts, helping them to access in an instant supporters’ fundraising progress and comms preferences, and to create tailored personalised campaigns that make a big impact. We’re really pleased to partner with Donorfy and we’re confident this will be welcome news for the charities we collectively work with.”

“We know that data-driven campaigns are crucial to successful digital fundraising strategies, which is why it’s crucial to our immediate product roadmap to activate integrations with much loved CRMs such as Donorfy, to help charities find a solution that works best for them.”

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, CEO & Founder, Enthuse

“We’re delighted to be working with Enthuse – a company that shares our values of putting charities first. This powerful easy-to-use integration will seamlessly connect Donorfy with the Enthuse giving platform, supporting good causes to scale and automate.”

Robin Fisk, Co-Founder and CEO, Donorfy

To learn more about how the integration will work and the benefits it can bring to your charity, you can check out the YouTube video below. 

The integration is available for existing Enthuse and Donorfy customers today, who can start the process by filling in the form on this page. Non-customers can enquire via the same form.