Fitness challenges

Great alternative to postponed events

Race or target event formats
Hold race-day events or set activity challenges to be achieved over a period of time.

Participant targets
Set activity and fundraising targets for both individuals and teams (including team relays).

Strava integration
Encourage participants to set and track targets, helping them raise more for your cause.

Automated milestones
Activity and fundraising milestones are automatically posted on participant’s fundraising pages.

Customised event pages
Support your participants by posting event updates, photos and videos (including live streaming) on your fully branded event page.

Event leaderboards
Activity and fundraising leaderboards automatically displayed on your event page.

Enthuse virtual events - Race or target event formats, STRAVA integration, automated milestones, event leaderboards

Fun activities

Entertain and engage your supporters

  • Set up registrations for live streaming, virtual quizzes or your traditional community events with a twist
  • Virtual coffee mornings anyone?
Enthuse virtual fun activities screenshot

“The Enthuse virtual events solution helped us widen our donor base, engage with new age groups, and raise a significant amount of income despite the COVID-19 pandemic. To date, our virtual events have raised over £210,000 and this would not have been possible without the support of the Enthuse team and this fantastic platform.”

Claire Macdonald - Business Development Fundraiser

Your charity branding

Branded fundraising pages and comms

  • Get 100% page activation rates! Fundraising pages created automatically for your supporters when they register
  • Preset page stories, banner images and fundraising targets that appear on all fundraising pages
  • Automated “donate to self” prompts help drive fundraising engagement
  • Fundraisers can post updates, photos and videos to their fundraising pages; activities logged through Strava automatically posted
  • Social media sharing options embedded within each fundraising page
  • Charity-branded behavioural emails to encourage and help supporters with their fundraising
Enthuse - Charity-branded fundraising pages and comms screenshots

The Essential Guide To Virtual Events

Get more out of your virtual fundraising

This guide will help you skyrocket your abilities to plan and deliver successful virtual and hybrid events.

Virtual Events Guide for Charities

Virtual events are the best way to embrace the “fundraising from home revolution”

Enthuse supporters illustration

Your supporters

  • People are looking for fun challenges and things to do from home
  • Virtual events offer a new type of excitement, leveraging popular apps and social media
  • They can take part from their own living rooms, gardens, and neighbourhoods
Charity virtual event illustrated screenshot

Your virtual event

  • You can set the goal or allow your supporters to get creative and come up with their own ideas
  • It’s flexible – your supporters can take part & fundraise wherever it suits them
  • Your supporters sharing results with peers drive further sign ups and donations

Putting charities first

Our mission is to put charities first, and this has never been more critical than now.

We work with 4,000 charities, and from our conversations every day we understand the significant impact that COVID-19 is having on their abilities to fundraise while many face rapidly increasing demands on their services.

As a part of our ongoing response to the crisis, we have put together a series of packages to help, which many of our clients are already rolling out to their supporters. The aim of all of these is to help charities maintain their fundraising income during this period.

We can help charities to set up COVID-19 specific campaigns and appeals, help them to build virtual fundraising events to replace the revenue from events that have had to be postponed, and we are providing a series of webinars to provide advice on best practice on digital fundraising during this challenging period.

Please get in contact so we can help you get your supporters fundraising from home, as well as working from home.

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Chester Mojay-Sinclare

CEO and Founder of Enthuse

Trusted by thousands of charities
Macmillan Cancer Support
Islamic Relief
Cystic fibrosis trust
Alzheimer's Society
Pancreatic Cancer UK

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