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See how you can raise more for your cause
  • Powerful event reg & ticketing platform
  • Get 100% page activation rates! Fundraising pages created automatically for your supporters when they register
  • Give your supporters the option to cover all fees and reduce event running costs
  • Fully branded to your cause
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Do you know your supporter drop-off rate?

Traditional events registration systems evolved separately from fundraising platforms, causing inconsistent supporter journeys and limiting the true potential of charity events.

The old way

Using three separate platforms

  • Branding – Using three different platforms drives down conversion
  • User journey – Three different journeys mean it’s confusing and time consuming for supporters
  • Fundraising pages – Chasing supporters to create fundraising pages
  • Login details – Three accounts for supporters to activate
  • Email communications – Three competing platforms bombarding supporters with emails
  • Data analysis – Data spread across three platforms
Old way - using three separate platforms

The new way

Enthuse Fundraising and Events

  • Branding – Your branding consistent across one platform
  • User journey – One simple user flow makes it easy for supporters to get involved
  • Fundraising pages – Fundraising pages automatically created when supporters sign up for event
  • Login details – Single account for fundraising and participation, donors do not need to register
  • Email communications – You’re in control of one cohesive email communications plan
  • Data analysis – Easy to see who’s signed up and fundraising in one place
New way - Enthuse Fundraising and Events all-in-one platform

Drive registrations for any event size with Enthuse

Whether you are running a 10 person event or a national campaign with 100k+ participants, our team and tech have the experience and tools to support you.

Comprehensive registration and ticketing options

Individual, group and corporate registrations & ticketing
Sell single tickets or allow individuals to buy for the whole group/company.

Team functionality – create, join and invite
Make it easy for team captains to invite their friends, family and colleagues to get involved as a team and help support your cause.

Event and ticket level entry limits
Set the maximum number of participants for each ticket type and automatically stop registrations when the limit is reached.

Start time waves
Ensure a better start experience and smooth flow of your race by setting your participants off at different start times.

Conditional form logic
Improve registration rates with a more personalised experience – participants only see and fill out the fields relevant to their registration type.

Custom flow and data capture
Collect all the information from your participants during the registration process – no need for additional forms and follow ups.

Screenshot of ticketing options - Individual, group and corporate registrations & ticketing, team functionality, event and ticket level entry limits and custom start time waves

Tools to help boost ticket sales and revenue

Integrated donation options
Sell merchandise, offer upsells or ask for one-off donations as a part of the registration process to maximise revenue.

Discount codes and reporting
Drive more ticket sales by incorporating promo codes into your strategy and monitor how your events perform.

Screenshot of automatic fundraising page creation with event registration

Turn supporters into active fundraisers with Enthuse

All supporters will automatically get a fundraising page linked to their registration as a part of the process.

Fundraising pages customised to your cause

Reduced set-up effort
Event managers can set pre-populated stories, background images and fundraising targets for each event.

Seamless activation
The participant will be automatically logged in to their page after registration to inspire fundraising.

Fundraising leaderboards
Create a sense of community and encourage people to fundraise with embeddable leaderboards on your website.

Screenshot of Enthuse fundraising pages customised to your cause

Keep your charity branding consistent and visible

“Brand is the most significant factor in driving a personal connection and commitment to a charity.”

Source – Charity comms

Build lasting relationships with your supporters

Custom branded forms, pages & return web address
Keep your charity branding consistent and visible – your supporters will feel like they never left your website.

Custom marketing opt-in statement
Grow your supporter base and manage the way you ask for future communication with your own marketing consent statement.

Personalised emails
Send beautiful, branded email updates to motivate your participants and build engagement leading up to the event

Screenshot of Enthuse event registration and fundraising pages branded to your charity

Get unified data about your supporters

Reduce time spent pulling reports across different systems with our all-in-one solution.

Ticket volumes and fundraising reports in one place

Event totals
Track ticket sales, fundraising performance and consolidate payments to see how much money your event has raised.

Attendee management
View event registrants and their fundraising progress in one place. Send custom messages based on supporters’ fundraising status.

Powerful integrations
Let your data work for you – send clean participant data to your preferred CRM or email marketing systems.

Illustration of comprehensive reporting for Enthuse events and fundraising pages

Drive donations via all major payment methods

American Express
Apple Pay
Mastercard SecureCode
Direct Debit

As an HMRC approved agent we claim all of your Gift Aid eligible donations for you.

See what our clients say

“Enthuse’s branded donation product fitted seamlessly into our sites and helped us raise over £1.7m for local causes, encouraging one off and recurring donations. With amplification for the campaign across Global’s radio stations like Heart, Classic FM and Smooth we benefited from Enthuse’s excellent service and Gift Aid optimisation.”

Jess Moore - Fundraising Campaign Manager
See what our clients say

“Enthuse reduces significant administrative time for our charity by offering a Gift Aid claim service - this helps us spend time building better supporter relationships and focusing on fundraising.”

Erica Snow - Community & Events Fundraising Manager
See what our clients say

“Enthuse is exceptionally user friendly, captures the information we need from our donors and enables us to improve our Charity brand and nurture our supporter relations.”

Karen Hillyer - Chairman
Trusted by thousands of charities
Macmillan Cancer Support
Islamic Relief
Cystic fibrosis trust
Alzheimer's Society
Pancreatic Cancer UK

Find out how Enthuse could help raise more for your cause

Speak to our fundraising experts to learn how you can raise more for your cause using a custom-branded solution.

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