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Mobile-ready, easy to implement donation forms fully branded to your charity’s cause

  • Includes:
  • Customizable donation pages to help maximise your impact
  • Automatic Gift Aid capture and processing
  • 0% platform and payment provider fees
  • 0% Gift Aid fees

Flat fee £34.99 + VAT / month
Net donation amount 125%

Flexible pricing plans to power up your digital fundraising

  • Includes:
  • Innovative virtual event solutions at no extra charge
  • Team and individual fundraising pages available
  • Corporate and Community Fundraising solutions also available

From £19.99 + VAT / month
Net donation amount 121.5%

Drive registrations for any event size with comprehensive registration and ticketing options

  • Includes:
  • Individual, group and corporate registrations & ticketing
  • Fully-integrated mail merge tool
  • Event and ticket level entry limits
  • Add Enthuse Fundraising at no extra cost

From £29.99 + VAT / month

Premium digital fundraising solutions that will elevate your supporter relationships

  • Includes:
  • Premium fundraising templates
  • All-in-one donations, fundraising and event registration
  • #1 event reg platform
  • White label branding capabilities

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What does 0% platform fee really mean?

0% platform fees have become the norm in the industry and provide an attractive headline for fundraising platforms.

However, when choosing the right fundraising partner, there are a number of costs to consider. The 0% platform fees headline might make you think that a fundraising platform is free, but think about other costs such as payment provider fees and charges on Gift Aid services. With other fundraising platforms the full costs can sometimes be swept under the rug, but not at Enthuse.

A more transparent approach

At Enthuse, we offer an honest approach to pricing by always including the full cost in our headline messages. This means that charities know from the very start how much of each donation will land in their bank account, including Gift Aid, and after all costs are deducted. This is the ‘Net donation amount’ and it is the true measure of the overall cost of digital fundraising.

Benefit from our pay‑as‑you‑go model

The ‘pay-as-you-go’ model means that with our monthly subscription fee, your cost only varies when there is a transaction, such as a donation or ticket sale. You are not tied in to any long-term contract. We use this model to ensure that even the smallest charities can afford the best and most secure technology to support their fundraising campaigns. There is no need for up-front investment or long-term commitments in an uncertain environment.

We are all about flexibility

There are three pricing models available in the digital fundraising world.

We offer them all so you can choose the one that will best support your charity.

Explore the different pricing models

We are all about flexibility

There are three pricing models available in the digital fundraising world. We offer them all so you can choose the one that will best support your charity.

Explore the different pricing models


Tipping, which is our default pricing, means that Enthuse collects voluntary tips from supporters which covers the majority of your digital fundraising costs.

This allows a low fixed cost for your charity as there is no platform fee even if supporters decide not to leave us a tip. The charity only pays the payment provider and Gift Aid services fees.

Donor Fee Cover

With Donor Fee Cover you are asking your supporters to top up their donation to cover your digital fundraising fees. On average, there is a 75% opt-in rate.

This model often results in the lowest overall cost for the charity, but it can be variable and unpredictable as it depends on the generosity of your supporters.

Fixed Fee

Fixed Fee is considered the most ‘donor friendly’ option as donors are not asked for more than what they donate, but it is also the highest cost for your charity. Many fundraising platforms such as JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving do not offer this pricing model.

This approach means that you are paying the full costs of digital fundraising.

Wondering which pricing model is the best for your charity?

Looking to switch a new pricing model?

Our fundraising experts are happy to help.

Wondering which pricing model is the best for your charity?

Looking to switch a new
pricing model?

Our fundraising experts are happy
to help.

What do I tell my donors about fees?

Digital fundraising is one of the most cost-effective ways for charities to raise funds. However, it can still come as a surprise to some supporters that there are costs involved when it comes to raising funds online. That’s why it’s important to be upfront with supporters and explain why there is a cost to processing each online donation.

Any method of taking donations online will have costs associated with it. For example, a charity that builds its own digital fundraising system will have to pay a private sector web development agency or internal staff to build that system, to maintain it and to ensure it is secure. In addition, there will also be a payment provider cost (e.g. Mastercard or VISA) associated with each donation. Although these costs are not shown when donors make a donation, they are of course a part of the admin and fundraising costs of the charity. For some charities these kinds of projects have run into the millions of pounds and require significant ongoing investment.

Frequently asked questions

Choosing your pricing model is a fundamental part of your digital fundraising strategy. There are multiple factors to consider from the degree of supporter contribution to fundraising costs to the level of flexibility you are willing to accept. At Enthuse, our fundraising experts look at individual cases and help choose the pricing model that best suits you.

There are two processes we follow to enable charities to raise up to 25% more via Gift Aid. We automatically capture the data required to claim Gift Aid using our technology. We then process the Gift Aid on your charity’s behalf, allowing you to focus on fundraising rather than admin.

To cover the cost of this service, we collect 5% of the overall donation amount. If you wish to claim your own Gift Aid, we offer a 20% reduced Gift Aid fee (4%).

On Enthuse Donations we do not charge a fee for reclaiming Gift Aid.

Our default pricing model is Tipping, because that’s what most charities chose, but we provide different pricing options depending on the specific needs of your charity and what you want. Donor Fee Cover, Registrant Fee Cover and Fixed Fee Pricing are also available for our Events and Fundraising solutions.

We have three main solutions and we list all related costs, available pricing models and features under each. You can check out the pricing for Enthuse Donations here, Enthuse Events here and Enthuse Fundraising here.

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