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Christmas Giving Insights

12 November, 2021 | Insights

Find out how to make the most of the holiday season as we leave Covid-19 restrictions behind. Our report uncovers key donor behaviour changes during the Christmas period (from November to January) - all based on real-world data collated from our platform.

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Donor Pulse Report: Autumn 2021

25 October, 2021 | Insights

The end of Covid-19 restrictions and the furlough scheme have had a positive impact on the public’s confidence - but a negative one on their giving. Delve into these and many more actionable insights to guide your fundraising plans this autumn.

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Business as Unusual

25 August, 2021 | Insights

Almost a year and a half since the nation started working from home, we explore the changing landscape in corporate fundraising as employees head back to the office.

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Donor Pulse Report: Summer 2021

12 July, 2021 | Insights

Over one year since the nation started working from home, we look at how and when people are returning to the office, and what opportunities the end of all remaining restrictions brings for charities.

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