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Communicate your
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Build relationships
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See how you can raise more for your cause

Maximise your impact with fully branded donation pages

Keep your charity branding consistent and visible so that supporters feel like they never left your website.

Your logo and colours
Ensure a consistent user experience by carrying your logos and branding from your website onto the donation pages.

Impactful story behind your cause
Customise the way you communicate your mission and its importance when you ask for donations.

Custom donation amounts
Choose your own donation levels and add tangible descriptions to communicate the specific impact each amount can have.

“Branded giving pages raise on average 38% more.”

Online Giving Study – Network for Good

Creating your custom donation form is easy. Try it now.  

Creating your custom donation form is easy. Try it now.  

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Extra customisation

A branded donation page like this can be set up on your website within 48 hours.

Raise 25% more with Gift Aid

Remove the admin headache. We’ll automatically capture and process Gift Aid information on your behalf.

Maximise Gift Aid donations
Our platform encourages donors to quickly and easily add Gift Aid to their donations, with a dedicated step in the donation process.

HMRC Gift Aid approved agent
Save admin time and get peace of mind. We submit Gift Aid claims on your behalf every month for HMRC to pay to your charity.

Centralised reporting
View all claims and accurately reference HMRC documents against the system.

A fully branded and personalised experience

Ensure your donor journey is branded while retaining control of your data. We put your cause first.

Cost to charity

Platform fee
Payment provider fee
Gift Aid processing fee
Subscription cost
(the original donation checkout provider!)
Flat fee £34.99 a month + VAT
0%-1.9% + 20p*
£15.00-£39.00 a month + VAT depending on amount raised

Cost to donor

Tipping model
Enthuse (the original donation checkout provider!)
Donor Fee Cover model is also available. Speak to a member of our partnership team to find out more. Rates accurate as of 28/04/21.
*Depending on solution chosen

Raise more money with seamless donation journey

Make it super-easy for your supporters to give once or regularly the way they prefer.

Social logins
Increase conversions and shorten the supporter journey with Facebook and Twitter log-in options.

Postcode lookup
Painless and rapid address entry for your supporters. Accurate data for your CRM.

Guest checkout
Reduce donation process abandonment by allowing your supporters to donate as a guest, or remain anonymous.

Drive donations via all major payment methods

American Express
Apple Pay
Mastercard SecureCode
Direct Debit

As an HMRC approved agent we claim all of your Gift Aid eligible donations for you.

See what our clients say

“Enthuse’s branded donation product fitted seamlessly into our sites and helped us raise over £1.7m for local causes, encouraging one off and recurring donations. With amplification for the campaign across Global’s radio stations like Heart, Classic FM and Smooth we benefited from Enthuse’s excellent service and Gift Aid optimisation.”

Jess Moore - Fundraising Campaign Manager
See what our clients say

“Enthuse reduces significant administrative time for our charity by offering a Gift Aid claim service - this helps us spend time building better supporter relationships and focusing on fundraising.”

Erica Snow - Community & Events Fundraising Manager

Build lasting relationships with your supporters

Express gratitude and offer a way to stay in touch with your cause in your own, authentic way.

Your marketing comms opt-in
Grow your supporter base and manage the way you ask for future communication with your own marketing consent statement.

Custom data capture
Personalise donation steps with your own questions and collect the information you need to understand your supporters better.

Custom ‘Thank you’ message & return web address
Add your own message to thank donors for their support and choose a custom web address to redirect them to after making the donation.

Stay on top of your donations with centralised reporting

Track all your donation pages and consolidate payments to see how much money you raised.

Payments & schedules
See a full breakdown of individual payments and their status as well as recurring payments and Direct Debits set up by your supporters.

Payout reports
Save admin time as we make regular batch payouts to your account and generate reports on all individual payments included.

Gift Aid reporting
View all claims and accurately reference HMRC documents against the system.

Trusted by thousands of charities
Macmillan Cancer Support
Islamic Relief
Walk The Walk
Cystic fibrosis trust
The Royal British Legion

Find out how Enthuse could help raise more for your cause

Speak to our fundraising experts to learn how you can raise more for your cause using a custom-branded solution.

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