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“Enthuse has put together an innovative fundraising platform and, with their commitment to technology, service, value and transparency, we are confident that over time Enthuse will become the market leaders.”

“We look forward to working with Enthuse to raise many millions more for good causes through our world-leading events.”

Hugh Brasher - Event Director, London Marathon Events

“Our events have always been about giving people the opportunity to achieve something great. We’re incredibly proud of the tangible difference our runners have made through supporting good causes over the last four decades and this partnership will allow many of them to take their fundraising to the next level.”

Paul Foster - Chief Executive Officer of the Great Run Company

“We wanted a fundraising partner that put the charities we work with front and centre and could integrate the registration and fundraising journey for participants - or Hellraisers as we call them!”

“Enthuse does exactly that and provides the best possible service for charities, participants and donors. We were impressed with Enthuse’s whole approach and believe they are transforming digital fundraising for charities.”

Aidan Walsh - Director of Operations
Aidan Walsh

"Our challenges are about achieving something incredible, and with our move to a fantastic new platform, we're hoping to make it even easier for charities and our participants to connect and raise even more funds. We're excited to move ahead as two industry experts and make a difference together!"

Jonathan Bryan - Founder and Managing Director, Discover Adventure
Jonathan Bryan of Discover Adventure

Maximise your event fundraising success

Seamless set up for you and your fundraisers
Fundraising page creation is integrated with the event registration process for 100% page creation rates. Participants will be automatically taken to their page after registration to inspire fundraising. No account creation required. What’s more, onboard once and be live with all our event partners.

Fundraising drivers
Enthuse is the only fundraising platform that integrates directly into the official London Marathon and Great Run apps. Leaderboards, milestones, badges and finisher medals to inspire healthy competition. Fundraisers can upload videos or photos and even livestream their activity for increased supporter interaction.

Engaged, motivated fundraisers
On average, fundraisers who engaged with their fundraising page at least once (self-donated, added an image, added a story or added a post), raised almost three times more than those who didn’t engage with their fundraising page at all. That’s why we encourage fundraiser engagement from the get go.

Real time data
Get full access to real time fundraising and donations data for supporters participating in any of the events hosted by our event partners.

Co-branded to build trust and engagement

Fundraising pages fully branded to your charity
Fundraising and donation pages will be branded with your logo and colours, driving brand recall and awareness of your cause. 1 in 3 people can’t remember the name of the charity they last donated to – prevent ‘give and forget’ with charity branding throughout (source: Enthuse Donor Pulse).

Official event branding
Each official fundraising page has a custom branded header for the event, driving supporter trust and engagement.

Getting your charity out there
Event organisers can feature your charity’s profile on their landing page so your cause is easier to find for a wider network of supporters, like ballot runners. You can be featured on the charity search page, gaining new racers, improved data and more fundraising.

Customise everything from marketing consent statements to donation receipts. You decide the suggested donation amounts and provide descriptions of what it will enable the cause to do with the funds. You can also set target fundraising amounts to encourage charity entry and general and ballot place runners to fundraise for their cause.

Pricing for charity partners

Sign up fee
Subscription fee
Platform fee
Payment processing fee
1.9% + 20p
Gift Aid fee
5% of the Gift Aid value only

Frequently asked questions

Enthuse is a B2B platform, which means we put charities first. We know that charities with branded mass event pages raise 14% more on average, so we help you harness your fundraising power by putting your charity’s brand and logo at the forefront of official event partner fundraising pages. We believe this is a better experience for supporters than offered by consumer platforms and means the fundraising pages that participants share with family, friends and peers create a network brand awareness effect for each charity.

Enthuse is the only fundraising platform that integrates with the official TCS London Marathon and Great Run app, giving supporters a seamless donation journey. Finding fundraisers on the app is simple, and is linked directly to their fundraising pages so donors can support participants in one simple flow.

Enthuse, unlike other fundraising platforms, can guarantee 100% page creation rates because fundraising page creation is integrated with the event registration process. That means participants are automatically taken to their page after registration to inspire fundraising. No account creation required, meaning one less step between wanting to fundraise for your charity and that all important first donation.

Enthuse also puts charities in control of their own data and marketing communications, and never emails supporters with details of competing fundraising campaigns. It also commits to never resell a charity’s data.

Charities that haven’t partnered with us before need to complete the onboarding process in order to receive funds raised for their causes, as well as benefit from branded fundraising pages and real-time data. There is no subscription charge for the platform for charities that hold places in mass participation events hosted by our event partners.

The Enthuse registration process is very simple and can be completed by filling out the form below. The Enthuse team is always happy to help with onboarding.

No, there is no subscription fee.

Enthuse charges 1.9 per cent plus 20p per transaction to cover the cost of the card fee. There is a small additional fee for processing Gift Aid on behalf of the charity. This is five per cent of the Gift Aid value only.

Drive donations via all major payment methods

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