Enthuse and Salesforce integration

We’re delighted to announce that Enthuse has partnered with MoveData to integrate with Salesforce, the number one CRM provider worldwide. 

This news follows our CRM integrations with Beacon and Donorfy and is part of our commitment to providing charities with the tools they need to get the most out of their data. 

To maximise fundraising, charities need to know their supporters well. Whether it’s how much they donate or how often, through to whether they fundraise and which events interest them. Having up-to-date insight is crucial to be able to plan fundraising campaigns in an informed way.

So how can the Salesforce integration help with that?

How does the integration work?

Charities that use both Enthuse and Salesforce will be able to collect donation, fundraising and event payments data from Enthuse and have it automatically added to their Salesforce CRM in near real-time. This includes personal and corporate fundraising pages, as well as supporter communications preferences. 

If a campaign is created in Enthuse, this will be pulled through to Salesforce and automatically associated with the respective account and contact. Records of recurring donations will also be created in the CRM to ensure good causes have all the information they need for a full overview of fundraising activity.

How will charities benefit?

By hosting Enthuse donations, fundraising and event payments data in Salesforce, charities will be able to spend less time manually filling out spreadsheets and more time on strategic fundraising activity that really matters. This should free up charities to focus on building longer lasting relationships with supporters with truly personalised campaigns, based on how they interact with your cause.

“We know CRMs help charities better understand their supporters and create campaigns that really resonate and inspire great fundraising. More than that though, they drive efficiency and make life easier. Salesforce is the number one CRM provider worldwide, so we’re delighted to strike this partnership to ensure Enthuse data can be easily integrated.”

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, CEO & Founder, Enthuse

“Accurate, automated and real-time data allows organisations to get more out of Salesforce. In doing so the integration eradicates data entry and saves charities a significant number of hours each week.”

James Gilray, Customer Success Director, MoveData

To learn more about how the integration will work and the benefits it can bring to your charity, you can check out the YouTube video below. 

The integration is available for existing Enthuse and Salesforce customers today, who can start the process by filling in the form on this page. For those who are not already set up with Enthuse or Salesforce, they can express interest here.