Make the most of your charity’s resources and build stronger relationships with your supporters by pulling your Enthuse donations, fundraising and event payment data into Salesforce via MoveData.

“Accurate, automated and real-time data allows organisations to get more out of Salesforce. In doing so the integration eradicates data entry and saves charities a significant number of hours each week.”

James Gilray - Customer Success Director, MoveData

“We know that CRMs help charities better understand their supporters and create campaigns that really resonate and inspire great fundraising. More than that though, they drive efficiency and make life easier. Salesforce is the number one CRM provider worldwide, so we’re delighted to strike this partnership to ensure Enthuse data can be easily integrated.”

Chester Mojay-Sinclare - CEO and Founder, Enthuse
Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Enthuse

Benefits for your cause

Unlock efficiency
Our integration with Salesforce streamlines data processing, freeing your teams from manual tasks. Say goodbye to data entry and focus on what truly matters.

Tailor your solution
Our integration’s high configurability adapts to your charity’s requirements. Your mission is unique, so your CRM integration should be too.

Make informed decisions
Our integration ensures data consistency and accuracy. Real-time synchronisation eliminates lag, giving you up-to-date insight to inform your fundraising strategy.

Be safe and secure
41% of charities say that platform owners re-contacting their supporters is a problem for them (Charity Pulse Report 2023). Enthuse never retargets your supporters. Your data is your data.

Enthuse takes security and data privacy seriously - data manager approved!
Why Children with Cancer UK chose to integrate Enthuse with Salesforce

Discover the organisational and time-saving benefits that the Salesforce integration can bring to your charity.

It is critical that Enthuse information is captured in Salesforce. Without this we would not have visibility across our supporters and all the wonderful activities they are doing with us!

Camelia Vasilcan – Head of Database, Children with Cancer UK
Children with Cancer UK's TCS London Marathon fundraising page

Frequently asked questions

If you’re an Enthuse and Salesforce customer, you’ll need to fill in this form. You can learn more about the integration process as an existing customer here.

If you’re not already set up with Enthuse or Salesforce, simply fill out the form above and a friendly member of the Enthuse team will get in touch.

Salesforce and Enthuse are synced every ten minutes to ensure dashboards are kept up-to-date.

The Salesforce integration is fully customisable and can support any custom fields, custom objects or custom business logic required by your Salesforce Org.

The process starts by connecting your Enthuse account into a sandbox and reviewing the records produced by the baseline integration. We then take note of any custom fields, objects, or unique business logic you need the integration to support and include these into your integration (note: a setup fee may apply depending on the nature of customisation required). Lastly once testing is passed the integration is deployed into Production. All in all the process typically takes around two weeks to complete.

Enthuse donations, fundraising and event payment data is pulled into Salesforce through the integration. If you need historical Enthuse information imported into Salesforce, MoveData can facilitate this by way of an automated data import.

Already set up with your favourite CRM solution? Watch this space as we add more integrations and partnerships to our platform over the coming months. We’re already linked to Beacon and Donorfy.

MoveData is an Enthuse Partner who specialises in Salesforce integration for charities. They support hundreds of nonprofits who need their fundraising data integrated into Salesforce and their integration has been reviewed and approved by the Enthuse technical team.