What’s inside?

Good intentions

71% of the public are planning to donate, with 48% saying they are more likely to give at Christmas than the rest of the year. This figure is even higher for under 40s. For charities, younger age groups should be a key part of Christmas campaigns.

Illustration of a woman wearing a Santa hat donating to charity on her phone

For better or worse

The gap between those feeling financially worse off and better off has started to close for the first time this year. Though it is only narrowed by two percentage points, it indicates a plateauing of people’s feeling about their finances and is a promising sign for festive fundraising.

Floating donors

38% of the public plan to give but are not yet fully committed to donating over the Christmas period. For charities this means there are opportunities to convert these people to donors, particularly as a third are looking for chances to donate.

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