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Enthuse Events and Enthuse Events+

The Enthuse Event registration solution is available in standard as well as in white labelled version – which we call Enthuse Events+. Both are offered on a Fixed Fee model.

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Pricing model

Available payment model
Fixed Fee
Subscription fee
£29.99 + VAT / month
3.5% + 75p
No fees for free tickets
Payment provider fee
1.9% + 20p
Merchandise and Donation upsell

Enthuse Fundraising & Events

This is our all-in-one fundraising and events solution for savvy charity fundraisers. Offered both on Tipping and Donor Fee Cover pricing models. Includes Virtual Events and Virtual Journeys as well.

Pricing model

Fundraising & Events
Payment model

Tipping, which is our default pricing, means that Enthuse collects voluntary tips from supporters which covers the majority of your digital fundraising costs.

This allows a low fixed cost for your charity as there is no platform fee even if supporters decide not to leave us a tip. The charity only pays the payment provider and Gift Aid services fees.

Donor Fee Cover

With Donor Fee Cover you are asking your supporters to top up their donation to cover your digital fundraising fees. On average, there is a 75% opt-in rate.

This model often results in the lowest overall cost for the charity, but it can be variable and unpredictable as it depends on the generosity of your supporters.

Subscription fee
£29.99 + VAT / month
£29.99 + VAT / month

To further reduce your costs, you can ask your supporters to cover the following fees using the Registrant Fee Cover option.

3.5% + 75p
No fees for free tickets
3.5% + 75p
No fees for free tickets
Payment provider fee
1.9% + 20p
1.9% + 20p
Merchandise and Donation upsell
Platform fee
Payment provider fee
1.9% + 20p
1.9% + 20p
Gift Aid claim
Net donation amount
Guaranteed 121.5%
Between 122%
to 125%


Enthuse Events
Enthuse Events+
Fundraising & Events
Individual, group, corporate registrations & ticketing
Team functionality: create, join and invite
Conditional form logic
Event and ticket level entry limits
Fully-integrated mail merge tool
Start time waves
White label branding to match website
Custom domain
Custom templates for registration forms
Custom event reports for CRM integration
Custom tracking
Parent / child account hierarchy
Virtual events capability
Fitness activity totaliser on event pages
Race and target based virtual event capabilities
Team relay functionality
End-to-end testing of the registration flow
Virtual Journeys
Ready-to-use Google Maps routes
Interactive map on individual fundraising pages
Fundraising features
Team & individual fundraising
Appeal & campaign pages
Fundraising insights
Virtual Strava integration
Virtual manual upload
Customised to your cause
Custom branded
Fully customisable registration forms
Custom marketing consent statements
Branded and personalised emails
Custom data capture
Custom return URL
Optimised for conversion
Merchandise and upsells
Donation options
Discount codes & reporting
Guest checkout
Stored payment details
Social logins
Social sharing
Mobile optimised
Google Analytics integration
Facebook Pixel tracking

Frequently asked questions

Our subscription fee remains the same no matter how much you fundraise. Other fees such as payment provider fee, Gift Aid fee are dynamic based on transaction value just like with other fundraising platforms.

Virtual Events and Virtual Journeys are offered as part of our Fundraising & Events solution.

Yes, we do. We automatically capture the data required to claim Gift Aid using our technology. We then process the Gift Aid on your charity’s behalf, allowing you to focus on fundraising rather than admin.

To cover the cost of this service on our Fundraising solutions, we collect 5% of the overall donation amount. If you wish to claim your own Gift Aid, we offer a 20% reduced Gift Aid fee (4%).

Registrant Fee Cover enables charities to potentially reduce the costs of running an event by 70% by giving supporters the opportunity to decide if they’d like to cover the cost of their registration. The easy-to-use feature appears as an opt-out for supporters when they reach the checkout to purchase their event tickets. All new event registration customers will also have access to Registrant Fee Cover as a standard when activating the solution.

Got any other questions? Drop us a message and we come back to you as soon as we can.
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