We’re proud to be partnering with Great Run across their national series of events, including the UK’s biggest running event – the AJBell Great North Run. So what does this mean for charities and who exactly is Enthuse?

Who is Enthuse?

Enthuse is a fundraising, donations and events registration technology provider that has helped thousands of charities raise millions of pounds.

Enthuse’s solutions are customised under a cause’s own brand and put the organisation in control of the data. This allows charities to build and nurture a loyal supporter base, raise more and ultimately have more impact.

The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in London. 1 in 3 of the top 100 UK charities trust Enthuse to power their most important owned fundraising channels.

“We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Enthuse at this critical time for charity fundraising in the UK.

“Our events have always been about giving people the opportunity to achieve something great. We’re incredibly proud of the tangible difference our runners have made through supporting good causes over the last four decades and we’re sure this new partnership will allow many of them to take their fundraising to the next level.”

Paul Foster - Chief Executive Officer of the Great Run Company

What are the next steps?

Don’t miss out! Signing up to the official online fundraising platform means getting exposure to all general and ballot (where applicable) entry participants for all Great Run events.

Step 1.
If your charity is new to Enthuse, you will receive an automated email from the Enthuse platform inviting you to join. Your account needs to be verified within 7 days so please keep an eye out for the email. It should go to the email address you have provided to Great Run.

If your charity already has an Enthuse account there is nothing you need to do. Your account will be automatically connected to the Great Run platforms.

Step 2.
As soon as you log in, you will be taken to the “Verification centre”. In order for us to transfer all funds that your event participants raise for you, we need you to enter your bank details on this page. Once you are logged in you can also invite other users to complete the verification step on the charity’s behalf.

Step 3.
One of our Enthusiasts will get in touch with you for a more detailed onboarding session. They will show you around the platform and how you get the most out of your new and branded fundraising pages for Great Run events. Happy fundraising!

Step 1 – You will receive an email from us

Step 2 – Verify your bank details

Step 3 – We’ll give you a call

Maximising fundraising success

Seamless fundraising page creation
Fundraising page creation will be integrated with the event registration process, making it easy to set up fundraising pages and start raising money right away.

Fundraising drivers
Leaderboards, milestones and badges drive healthy competition. Fundraisers can upload videos or photos and even livestream their activity for increased supporter interaction.

Real time data
Get full access to real time fundraising and donations data for supporters participating in any of the Great Run event series.

Co-branded to build trust and engagement

Fundraising pages fully branded to your charity
Fundraising and donation pages can be branded with the logo and colours of the charity the participant has chosen to support, driving brand recall and more awareness of your cause. 1 in 3 people can’t remember the name of the charity they last donated to – prevent ‘give and forget’ with charity branding throughout. (source: Enthuse Donor Pulse).

Official event branding
Each official fundraising platform has a custom branded header for the event, driving supporter trust and engagement.

Charities can customise everything from marketing consent statements to donation receipts. Charities are in control of deciding on suggested donation amounts and providing descriptions of what it will enable the cause to do with the funds.

A unique platform for each event

Each Great Run event will have its own unique, official fundraising platform set up by Enthuse. Behind the scenes charities will be able to manage everything from one Enthuse account, with one set of data.

Example of an AJBell Great North Run fundraising page

Example of an Arla Great North Swimrun fundraising page

Pricing for charities across Great Run events

Sign up fee
Subscription fee
Platform fee
Payment processing fee
1.9% + 20p
Gift Aid fee
5% of the Gift Aid value only

Frequently asked questions

Enthuse has been appointed as the official online fundraising platform for Great Run’s national series of events.

Great Run was looking for a fundraising partner that would provide the best possible service for charities, participants and their donors. Enthuse offers an innovative fundraising platform and a transparent charging model that puts the charity’s brand first and helps them maximise their fundraising.

Great Run thinks the Enthuse partnership will allow charities and participants to take their fundraising to the next level, as Enthuse is transforming digital fundraising for charities.

Fundraisers can choose to fundraise with alternative fundraising platforms if they wish, and it is not mandatory to use the official online fundraising partner.

Enthuse is the official online fundraising partner for each of Great Run’s events. Fundraising page creation will be integrated with the event registration process, making it easy for participants to set up fundraising pages and start raising money for your cause right away.

Ballot entrants for Great Run events can choose any charity from the Enthuse charity database to fundraise for. This means charities that register with Enthuse will benefit from additional funds from participants who want to raise money for good causes, but who don’t have a charity place.

If a charity wishes to be removed from the Enthuse database they can be, but they could lose out on general and ballot entry participants across all of Great Run’s events and would have no online presence on any of the official fundraising platforms powered by Enthuse.

Enthuse is proud to have powered thousands of events for thousands of good causes since 2012. Enthuse has also processed more than 3.5 million registrations for over 20,000 events and helped raise millions for charity. Enthuse is also the official fundraising partner for London Marathon Events.

Charities that haven’t partnered with us before need to complete the onboarding process in order to receive funds raised for their causes, as well as benefit from branded fundraising pages and real-time data. There is no subscription charge for the platform for charities that hold places in Great Run events.

The Enthuse registration process is very simple and can be completed by filling out the form below. The Enthuse team is always happy to help with onboarding.

No, there is no subscription fee.

Enthuse charges 1.9 per cent plus 20p per transaction to cover the cost of the card fee. There is a small additional fee for processing Gift Aid on behalf of the charity. This is five per cent of the Gift Aid value only.

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