Once your charity is well established online and putting up content regularly, you need to make sure that you’re appealing to your audience effectively. Here are three ways to make sure that you’re hooking people in and keeping them engaged.

1. Tracking

Where do your visitors find your website? How long do they stay? What’s the ratio of donation page hits to payments received? Tools such as Google Analytics can help you to answer these questions. Make sure that your website is easy to read, and states your aims and purpose clearly. This will help minimise ‘bounces’.

2. Calls to action

Trackable click-throughs can be incorporated into your website, Facebook updates, tweets and emails. This can be done very easily using the Google Analytics URL Builder. Measuring responses to your communications in this way is one of the most effective indicators.

3. Checkout questions

How well do you know your supporters? What motivates them to support your organisation? What information could enhance your relationship with them? Having the ability to add data capture to your donor process can be a huge asset. This could be inviting donors to register interest in your events programme, or in being contacted about leaving a legacy. It could also allow them to tell you what they would like you to use their money for. The possibilities are many, and it saves using pieces of paper.

It’s really not hard to have a smart approach online. The tools you need are accessible to everyone, and they can help you to build rapport easily with your online supporters.