Just as Twitter has become a crucial element of business marketing, it can be hugely effective for charities too. A compelling message and an easy way to pay will enable newly recruited supporters to donate there and then. Below are some tips to help you to get started…

1. Think of a campaign or appeal

Do you have any running at the moment that you could use? Something specific can lend a much greater sense of urgency than general giving.  Define your target or goal, display your progress, and your online fundraising will be very engaging.

2. Create a hashtag

This is the key to get your message trending. Choose something that’s catchy and searchable. Alternatively, join in with an existing hashtag, such as #donate, or #charitytuesday.

3. Create a payment page

The final step is to create a payment page to use. As per point one, it’s best to create a specific, customised page. Third party logos are likely to be what your new donor remembers most clearly, so use a fully branded donation page. Since anyone can tweet a payment link, looking legitimate and trustworthy is important too.

As you can see, it’s really not difficult to get great results. Search existing hashtags, and you’ll see that everyone else is already doing it. Happy tweeting!