Accepting donations online has become incredibly popular in recent years, and a hugely effective method of raising funds. Consequently, many more charities are looking to find ways to increase their online donations. Here are a few reasons why you should start accepting donations online:

1. Quick, easy and hassle free

Being able to accept donations online means that you can take payment in any currency at any time, and from anywhere. Having an online payment processing platform to manage these donations helps you to reduce administration costs and increase efficiency.

2. Enticing donors

Enabling your donors to give online means that they don’t need to write cheques and fill out forms, or follow up to ensure you received their donation. A secure online transaction is much quicker and simpler. If the content on your website informs your supporters about what your charity is doing and how they can help, they may respond with a donation; and some visitors to your website will be specifically looking to donate. Having the ability to take payment there and then will therefore increase the likelihood that you will receive donations. Online giving is often a spontaneous act, and will attract donors that feel they do not have the time to give by other means.

3. Recurring donations

Online giving makes it much easier for donors to make regular donations. An online donation system can collect payment automatically at different intervals, and give the donor a simple user interface to decide on how much they would like to give, how regularly, and with which payment method.

4. Online giving is growing

According to the Blackbaud 2014 Online Giving Report, online giving grew 8.9% in 2014 compared to 2013.  This trend seems unlikely to slow any time soon, especially as the generations that grew up with technology get older and acquire more disposable income.

In Summary

As society becomes more and more technological, and digital media continue to dominate our communications, online giving is likely to become the preferred method for making donations. Starting to accept donations online (if you’re not already doing so) will help you to increase your funding and better support your charities work in the future.