Everyone is aware of the influence that technology is having on the world of commerce. Why should charities and not-for-profits lag behind or stay on the sidelines? Charities can use digital methods to gain valuable revenue to both cover core costs and realise plans for expansion and growth. It’s time to speed up on the digital highway. It’s time to use technology and social media to woo your donors. Become a social media charity.

Find out how you can build better donor relationships through social media…

Showcase your work online

Keep it simple. Show your donor the difference your charity makes, and invite them to take action. Your message must engage people in the right way if you want to gain their support.

Compile a video about the charity’s background, cause, mission, and how you make a difference. Having senior team members introducing themselves in the video can make your message much more compelling. Make sure to upload to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Don’t forget  that you can share these links both directly and on social media.

Thank your donors with content

Use technology to create exclusive content for your donors – eg. graphics and videos. Appreciation and recognition can go a very long way. Your fundraising will be much more successful if it’s based on what you can give to your donors, rather than what you can persuade them to part with.

Give your donors public recognition

Everyone loves to be recognised and appreciated, and social media gives you a huge public forum to show your donors and fundraisers how much you value their contributions. Share Facebook posts and Tweets, and if you can, post comments to your donors. This will help you to build strong relationships, and your supporters’ friends may join in too.

Concentrate on the places that matter

Social media has immense reach today. Being able to easily know your donor’s location allows your marketing to have a geographical focus – target their area when you post your success stories. This will make your donors feel proud of their contributions. You can share stories, images and other project related news snippets too. The donor should appreciate and feel happy about his or her decision to contribute to your charity’s cause. Make your donor feel like a hero on a pedestal.

Host an online social media event

Online events such as TweetChat or a Facebook group raise the interest of donors, getting them to participate as part of your online community. As a proud member of your tribe, your supporters will start to respond to your charity proudly. This is how you build rapport, and ensure ongoing support.

Without doubt, the most important thing is that your supporters are filled with compassion and a desire to do good. Your job is to channel their philanthropic sentiments by communicating with them and nurturing your relationship.