A number of studies have revealed that street artists and charity collectors can easily increase their takings simply by going contactless. For several years, trends reveal that Brits will often donate a higher amount when they are able to pay it via card or smartphone. Analysis shows that when people pay by cash they are able to give an average donation of £2.34, but this rises £5.47 for an online donation. It therefore simply boosts collections by around 91%.

Because of the boom in popularity of contactless payments, many fundraising charities that are not yet able to accept this method now face problems with collecting donations – simply because people they approach for donations do not have loose change to hand. 52% of respondents to a survey indicated that they have been in this situation, looking to donate but being unable to do so due to electronic payment not being available.

Nationwide Building Society recently brought together people from homeless shelters and social housing areas, and trained them on how to use digital payments. Technology has completely revolutionised the way that people all over the world undertake everyday tasks, and mobile payment options like Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Apple Pay have now replaced wallets with smartphones. Research carried out by Nationwide showed that almost 29 percent of people consider their mobile phone to be their most important accessory, and because it’s so easy, they therefore opt for mobile payments for routine transactions. The impact of this technology is most pronounced among the 18-24 age group.

The stats collected by Nationwide reflect a total increase of 365% in mobile payments even within the last year, and it is now believed that this incredible gadget based payment method may overtake card payments in the not-too-distant future – within as few as 6 years.

Nationwide’s Director of Payments, Paul Horlock, recently stated that Smartphones have become an integral part of our routine lives; they help people to stay connected to social media, keep moving with easy navigation services, and to make instant payments instantly from anywhere at any time. These digital wallets were introduced to the market just a few years ago, and surprisingly they made a powerful entry into the market. Nationwide members are able to make unlimited digital payments, and usage of mobile money transfers has increased significantly in the last year.

There is no doubt that mobile-based digital payment methods add convenience, as well as security for money handling, so it is therefore unsurprising that consumers gravitate to these methods over cash. A mobile wallet with fingerprint-secured banking apps enable people to freely access their finances from a compact device, from anywhere in the world. Here at Charity Checkout, providing you with a well-designed mobile responsive website is our first priority,  so you can make the most of mobile payments. Contact us to know more.