EnthusE Happy Hour - fundraising for charities

Throughout the pandemic, Enthuse is developing products and ideas to help charities bridge the income gaps they are facing. Our latest idea is a campaign called Happy Hour that any charity can pick up and run, before their end of year appeals launch.

What is Happy Hour?

The idea is simple. Just ask your supporters to take on a challenge for an hour (or more) to back your cause. The challenge can be anything, but with one overall message to do something different for an hour. We’ve created some challenges you can use, or you can come up with your own that link more directly with your cause.

With pubs and restaurants closing an hour earlier currently, why not ask your supporters to donate the money they might have spent in that hour in the pub? Or maybe you could ask your supporters to take on a challenge for that extra hour they aren’t spending in a restaurant or bar?

The challenges could be anything from running or climbing the stairs through origami and running fitness classes to simply helping someone for an hour. Supporters could take on the challenge for an hour each day or each week or pass the hour onto their family and friends through social media.

Why Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is a simple and really flexible idea to encourage your supporters to get behind. It’s up to you how your run, adapt, brand or personalise it to fit with your charity.

During the pandemic we have seen some amazing fundraising through virtual events and challenges. We know from our own research that Generation Z has been the most generous demographic during the pandemic. So why not give them an excuse to take on a challenge for your cause.

How does my charity take part?

We’ve created some template fundraising pages and events as some sample copy. However, the power of Happy Hour is branding it to your cause. You know your supporters – figure out what challenge best fits their “happy hour” needs and we’ll create a great campaign and event registration page for you!

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