Vinay Nair, well-known as Lightful’s CEO, recently discussed a few key aspects of the growth of social media for charities in the near future. He has argued that digital technology and social media are not size-restrictive, and therefore that everyone needs to adapt and keep pace if they are to succeed.  

Experts believe that social media is one of the most effective fundraising tools because it has the power to engage supporters throughout the world. A small amount of strategic planning and campaign execution on social media can easily produce excellent returns.

Many organisations are starting to become aware of the potential of this new fundraising medium, and are therefore trying to get to grips with it so they can unlock the benefits. The interesting part is that rather than being standalone, social media can enhance many existing areas – eg. fundraising, events, comms.

The best way to utilise social media to increase giving is to use compelling stories. Fundraising experts can share their stories and activities with the world and can enlist the help of events, staff, and beneficiaries. Several studies have shown that using these stories in conjunction with campaigns can hugely increase their success.

Recent research looked at the use of P2P fundraisers’ dashboards and how they can be combined with intuitive CRM platforms, and found that the charities were better able to maintain personal connections with potential fundraisers; pointing to success in future campaigns.

As the latest digital technologies connect all major social media platforms together, major charities like ABF the Soldiers’ Charity have made effective plans to make the most of the new integrated platform. The experts at ABF the Soldiers’ Charity have made efforts to add more focus on personal engagement and strategy development, while staying connected with supporters and fundraisers at the same time. Powerful software platforms and the latest digital tools have helped the charity to use data driven strategies for fundraising, and it has ultimately developed a strong platform for successful future campaigns.

The fact is that social media makes it much easier to manage donation links that will grab the attention of supporters. When these digital tools are deployed in a strategic manner, their potential is unlocked, and they will have the power to deliver great results.

What with all of these changes in the market and the benefits to fundraising, it is likely that there will be a huge rise in opportunities in the near future. Experts have suggested that 2018 could be a great year of growth in this area for charities, on a global scale. Social media allows fundraising messages to resonate very strongly with supporters, and this will only increase if charities use it more.