2017 may now be gone, but it has opened a new chapter in business strategy for charities around the world. Digital transformation is hot topic, and charities have so many new targets in front of them. This new idea will have some charities focusing on cost-saving, while others will get more serious about their technical development.

In real terms, it is all about working towards changing the expectations of volunteers, staff, stakeholders, funders, donors, trustees, beneficiaries and users about the digital world. Here are few essential questions that are deeply connected to the concept of Digital Transformation:

  • What will be the role of data?
  • How to make appropriate decisions about technology?
  • How to pair up volunteers and staff to achieve goals?
  • Where should leaders begin?

In order to find the best answers to all those questions, and to make the best of the digital transformation that 2018 will bring, it is crucial to follow a thematic approach, as suggested by experts:

Effective Leadership

The first thing that should demand your focus is leadership. Charities need to try new things and make efforts to empower everybody – from staff members to service users. The chief executive at every fundraising organisation needs to be ready to make the best of the opportunities of the digital world.

For a great place to start for all charity leaders, try SCVO’s short, jargon-free call to action. It can help charities to start exploring key themes – collaboration, investment, and adaptation.

Flow with the Culture

The Director of CharityComms commented recently that culture is the fundamental part of the charity sector. However, in order for growth to happen, it is as important to promote cultural shift as it is to cultivate the existing culture. It is now paramount to align overall organisational strategy with digital strategy to achieve real growth – HR can play a key role here. Agile methodologies can also be highly valuable in this process, and it’s important to focus on transparency. It is crucial to concentrate on the roots of your charity’s mission and follow them through.

Improve service design

In order to thrive in digital transformation, all charities need to engage and motivate their supporters and service users with the latest digital strategies. Staff must be allowed to experiment with the latest digital tools, and empowered through online training sessions.

Technology and Data

The time has come to be more flexible with technology, so that the maximum output can be achieved even when investing a relatively low level of resources. Moreover, charities need to invest in data management and understand the potential of it. Using new tools to collect and analyse data more effectively will enable better results to be achieved.

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