Everyone knows that charitable giving is one of the best ways to contribute to society, and this is likely the main reason for more donations to charity these days – from foundations, companies and individuals. One amazing thing about this is that digital ways of giving are among the most popular; increasingly so.

If you are also thinking about running an online fundraising platform, here are a few top tips to help you achieve great results:

Put Online Donation Options on your Website

The best way to maximise online fundraising income is to add a donation page to your website. Make sure the whole process is mobile friendly, as most online activity nowadays is on mobile devices, so you’ll get more traffic. Custom branded payment pages also generate 6 times more than third party payment websites.

Add an eye-catching Donate Button

It’s a good idea to add an attractive charity (not third party) Donate button to every page on your website. Choose a bold colour that will contrast with the background of your website. Clicking on the button should lead straight to the donation form – no unnecessary complications.

Optimise the Thank You Process

The best way to attract more donations to your fundraising project is to optimise your thank you page as much as you can. Pay attention to your thank you emails as well as the landing page; include a good thank you video, and key information like the organisation’s legal name and branding, address, donation amount, EIN* for tax relief, and call to actions for social media following.

Formulate Impactful Statements

Quantifying the positive impact that a donation could have can hugely increase the volume of giving. Don’t forget to create impactful graphics, that will work well on social media. It will naturally connect more people to your project and help you reach your target fast.

Launch a Fundraising Campaign on Social Media

As we all know, social media is one of the most powerful networks for marketing, and it can similarly help you to gain supporters for your fundraising campaign. Social media fundraising pages can help individual supporters to motivate family and friends to support their favourite charities. This can produce great results around weddings, birthdays and other occasions, as well as urgent issues.

Follow these tips for a successful social media fundraising campaign:

  1. Set realistic fundraising goals
  2. Clearly explain the process – how your fundraising platform works etc
  3. Consistently thank supporters for their contributions
  4. Consider holding friendly competitions to boost donations

Enable Digital Wallets

Digital Wallet is one of the most powerful ways to facilitate online payments for a digital charity. It works perfectly with Twitter and Facebook.

These simple tips can help you to raise more money for your charity. If you’re looking for expert help, and fundraising tools that will really make a difference, visit www.enthuse.com.