Charity Checkout, a leading supplier of online fundraising products, is offering free branded fundraising platforms for charity corporate partners. The product helps corporate CSR teams engage their workforce in employee-led fundraising, providing them with their own fundraising website, all under the company’s own brand. Charity Checkout is expecting to give away over 500 of these platforms to charity clients.

By offering corporate partners their own branded fundraising platform, charities can centralise their partner’s fundraising efforts. This improves the visibility of their employee-led fundraising efforts and has been shown to increase corporate engagement. The technology improves the monitoring and reporting of employee-led fundraising, centralising the activity on one corporate platform – rather than across multiple third-party fundraising websites.

Charity Checkout Founder and CEO, Chester Mojay-Sinclare, commented: “Offering corporate partners their own branded fundraising site for their employees is not only a good tool for retaining existing partners, but it can also be a strong point of difference when pitching for new corporate partners too.”

In a survey of 1000 respondents due to be published shortly, Charity Checkout explored how the UK workforce feels about employee-led fundraising.

*Example of InterQuest Group Plc’s corporate employee-led fundraising website

Josh Trott, the Corporate Partnerships Manager at Whizz-Kidz, added: “In a fast-moving, transient world, a comprehensive CSR strategy can make a huge difference to how your business is perceived by colleagues and customers alike – and the employee-led fundraising activities can help bring the community together.”

Corporates will still able to purchase their own corporate fundraising product through Charity Checkout, if they wish to have full ownership over the platform and host multiple charities. However, charity clients will be able to access the product for free for single charity corporate partnerships, giving the charity full control and ownership of the data.

Chester added, “As corporate partnerships continue to trend away from transactional relationships, towards a more transformative approach, employee-led fundraising can be used to create a movement that can convert passive staff into more engaged advocates. This change of approach not only benefits charities, but it also good for business and employee wellbeing too. By offering our product free to charity clients we hope to inspire the next wave of transformative corporate partnerships.”