Event Registration blog

Fundraising events are a crucial source of income for the vast majority of charities in order to fund their services for end users. The pandemic has, at times, made that very challenging with all the Covid restrictions that have been in place. But for every challenge there’s the chance for a creative solution and the third sector has been keen to adopt virtual and hybrid events to help bridge that income gap. 

There’s genuine cause for optimism for event fundraising in the year ahead, too. Research from our recent Charity Pulse report suggests that supporters are starting to re-engage with fundraising events and 60% of charities see that as a reason to be optimistic for 2022.

50% of causes also believe that supporters are more willing to get involved in virtual or hybrid events – underlining how important it is for charities to be able to cater for event fundraising of all types. With the appetite for fundraising events on the rise again, this is an opportune moment for charities to be investing in their event registration technology to make sure they can facilitate their supporters’ fundraising ambitions. 

Whether it’s running, cycling or swimming; physical, virtual or hybrid – Enthuse can not only provide the fundraising pages for your charity but the event registration itself. And we’re well qualified to do so. 

Enthuse has helped run over 20,000 successful charity events and as of this year is trusted with the two of the biggest mass participation events in the world, the TCS London Marathon and the Great North Run.

An independent brand study also found Enthuse to be the number one event registration solution provider in the sector, which is something we’re really proud of, having acquired Primo Events in 2019 for exactly that reason. 

But we’re not resting on our laurels. At Enthuse, we pride ourselves on investing in continual product improvement, to provide the best tech possible to charities. So without further ado, here are the latest improvements we’ve made to the sector’s leading event registration solution. 

#1 Simplified event creation

Our product team has undertaken a complete visual redesign of the events detail screen to ensure a simplified event creation experience. We’re always looking to improve our products and our latest tweak means that using Enthuse is clearer and more straightforward than ever.

#2 Intuitive navigation 

For all the features our platform has, we know that a simple user experience is critical for time pressed charity teams. That’s why we’ve updated our main navigation to make it even more user-friendly for you and your team.

#3 Descriptive event types

There are so many different types of events that charities can run to raise money and we look to cater for as many as possible. We’ve made improvements to ensure our event types are more descriptive to make event set up even easier.

We’re always listening to feedback and constantly improving our Event Registration solution to meet charities’ needs. With integrated, automatic fundraising page creation, charity branding and a simple user journey, Enthuse can drive registrations for any event size. 

To find out more about how our Event Registration solution can help maximise your fundraising, you can book a call with one of our helpful Enthusiasts here.