2024 TCS London Marathon Fundraising Week

Join thousands of charities from Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February, in the biggest fundraising drive for the 2024 TCS London Marathon

Welcome to our charity hub for Fundraising Week, where you’ll find all the information and resources you need to make it and your marathon a roaring success!


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Resources for fundraisers

2024 TCS London Marathon training plan

The 2024 TCS London Marathon training plan now comes complete with fundraising tips throughout.

Top fundraising tips

Help your fundraisers get off to a great start with our recommendations – all based on real-world data from our fundraising platform.

How-to videos for fundraisers

Make your participants Enthuse experts! Share our step-by-step videos with them, covering everything from profile set up and login to optimisation.

Social media templates

Social media templates

Get your social media audience pumped up for Fundraising Week with our templates. Create buzz and inspire both fundraisers and donors.

It’s competition time 🏆

You could be one of the ten lucky runners to receive a £100 donation from Enthuse! To automatically take part you have to receive at least one donation to your 2024 TCS London Marathon page on the Enthuse platform by Friday, 8th March 2024. You can read the terms and conditions here.

Resources for charities

Fundraising Week checklist

Preparation is key; make sure your charity is set up to make the most of Fundraising Week 2024 with our essentials checklist.

Webinar icon

Fundraising Week 2024 webinar

Watch our session to discover how to make the most of Fundraising Week, with speakers from London Marathon Events and Brain Research UK

How to customise your page

Not sure of how to customise your charity profile on the official fundraising platform for the 2024 TCS London Marathon? Watch our quick tutorial here.

Email templates

Email templates for
your charity

Spread the word and encourage your participants to get involved with customisable email templates.

Social media templates

Social media templates

Get your social media audience pumped up for Fundraising Week with our templates – the best way to create a buzz and inspire fundraisers and donors alike.

Mass Events 2023 report

Packed with learnings and trends, our report is a must-read for any charity in the mass participation events space.

Mass participation inspiration

Explore the top ways to use your Enthuse account to maximise your 2024 TCS London Marathon fundraising.

Types of fundraisers

Discover the different types of fundraising personas and the best approach to support each of them in their journey.

Frequently asked questions

What is Fundraising Week?

Fundraising Week is an annual initiative organised by London Marathon Events and Enthuse, the official fundraising partner for all their events. The aim of Fundraising Week is to give you the tools to help your charity maximise the 2024 TCS London Marathon fundraising opportunity. It will also let you shine a spotlight on your fundraising campaigns and celebrate your fundraisers and volunteers – ultimately raising awareness for your cause.

What activity do London Marathon Events and Enthuse have planned during Fundraising Week?

London Marathon Events will be sending two email communications to fundraisers – a regular participant newsletter mentioning Fundraising Week and solus emails to fundraisers and charities dedicated exclusively to Fundraising Week. There is also a media release and social media activity planned for the week, both from Enthuse and London Marathon Events.

Do charities have to register with Enthuse if they haven’t partnered with them before?

Charities that haven’t partnered with us before need to complete the onboarding process in order to receive funds raised for their causes, as well as benefit from branded fundraising pages and real-time data. There is no subscription charge for the platform for charities that hold places in LME events. The Enthuse registration process is very simple and can be completed by filling out the form below. The Enthuse team is always happy to help with onboarding.

Is there a subscription fee for using Enthuse for marathon fundraising?

No, there is no subscription fee.

For each £10 raised by our supporters, how much will our charity receive?

Enthuse charges 1.9 per cent plus 20p per transaction to cover the cost of the card fee. There is a small additional fee for processing Gift Aid on behalf of the charity. This is five per cent of the Gift Aid value only.

How can I customise my 2024 TCS London Marathon charity page?

You can find a helpful guide here.

Not onboarded with Enthuse yet?

Get signed up with the official online fundraising platform for the TCS London Marathon and put your charity in the spotlight with branded fundraising

How we help 80% of the UK’s most loved charities

GOSH Charity at the 2023 London Marathon

The event’s Charity of the Year is using Enthuse branded fundraising to maximise their donations.

Ensuring our brand shines through and helps donors remember us, is a great way to build long term supporter relationships.
Holly Riddle – Senior Fundraising Manager, Challenge Events at GOSH Charity